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  • More About Collaring

    More About Collaring

    Welcome on another rainy evening, from the state of North Hell-lina. I know I have not been available for the past few weeks. I’ve been making super cool shit, new kick ass resin toys and dragon tails galore along with trying to get my space back in order. Don’t forget, promo code : wordpress gets…

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  • My Road to Kink

    Well, well, here we are again, in my kinky mind. I am very sick this evening, my Florida blood is not used to this bipolar weather. I guess I will start tonight off with a little story about how I came to be in kink. Many moons ago, when I was an adolescent (that’s my…

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  • Dominating a dominant women

    Dominating a dominant women

    I have read many articles lately, in reference to dominating a dominant woman, I have been left less than impressed. I am not one to bash anyone’s creativity, however, it is very clear that articles I have read are written by men who have no real idea or concept of BDSM or Ds dynamics. I…

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  • When the new wears off- readers choice- and mine

    Omg….what’s different? Why does everything feel so different? I’m sure many of you have asked yourself this, or messaged me and asked me. Hence why I am writing this. It’s called the “new” wearing off. Not everyone is the same and that’s what keeps life flavorful, right? Some people are die hard, “express” themselves to…

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  • Consent/                       Intent/Abuse

    Consent/ Intent/Abuse

    So, this is something that I think get overlooked and brushed off frequently. When does pushing limits become a violation of consent? I have been in great D/s situations that were based off consent, trust, and all the other good stuff. They may not have worked out for the long haul, but I never felt…

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  • Reader Inspired- Trust Issues

    Reader Inspired- Trust Issues

    I have not been diving deep into my inboxes on all of my various accounts, because I am not perfect and sometimes it takes me on a power trip of Domination, I get a little too into. Sorry fellas, you bring something out in me. Some ladies do as well. However, to my delight and…

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