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  • Letting Go, New Dynamics and FOREVER

    That’s The Hard Part So what do you do when a journey has met its end? How do you cope with it? In BDSM, we build deep, fulfilling connections that are to be of better service to the lives of who we interact with. Especially when dealing with heavy impact, it deepens a connection and…

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  • Types of Ds Dynamics

    Different Strokes For Different Folks In life, everything is subjective. There are very few things that are absolute or black and white. Almost everything you stumble across under the sun has some grey to it. Why would it be different in BDSM? We are a unique breed of humans, but not that unique. I am…

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  • Care For The One Who Tops You

    Care For The One Who Tops You

    Many Tops, both men and women alike love providing aftercare to their submissive but have a very difficult time accepting care for themselves. First and foremost, caring for a needy sub can be frustrating, overwhelming and at times thankless. The long-term experience is rewarding but getting there can be strenuous. Do you ever feel disconnected…

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