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  • Consent/                       Intent/Abuse

    Consent/ Intent/Abuse

    So, this is something that I think get overlooked and brushed off frequently. When does pushing limits become a violation of consent? I have been in great D/s situations that were based off consent, trust, and all the other good stuff. They may not have worked out for the long haul, but I never felt…

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  • Submissive Headspace

    I am going to talk about what submissive headspace is and means. It is not the same thing as subspace. Subspace is essentially the “high” a person feels after being dominated. The headspace is the mental mindset of being submissive. The appropriate mindset is needed to maximize your full potential as a sub so you…

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  • Types of Ds Dynamics

    Different Strokes For Different Folks In life, everything is subjective. There are very few things that are absolute or black and white. Almost everything you stumble across under the sun has some grey to it. Why would it be different in BDSM? We are a unique breed of humans, but not that unique. I am…

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  • How I Learned What NOT do….

    How I Learned What NOT do….

    I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I was thinking about writing a post about cuck queening and lesbian cucking, but I have chosen to pass on that for this moment. However, the thought of that did bring me to something else: What lack of understanding and lack of clear concise communication…

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  • Those fuzzy subbie feelings

    Those fuzzy subbie feelings

    Not everything in BDSM has to be necessarily sexual in that moment. It can be simply a feeling that brings you a sense of relief and escape from the stress of daily life. Not to say you can’t put the idea of it in the spank bank, but not everything in that moment has to…

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  • Collars and Cupcakes

    Collars and Cupcakes

    This post has nothing to do with cupcakes. I just enjoy the taste of soft, warm, confectionaries melting in my mouth. Shall we save that for another post? I think so. Collars and collaring seem to be a rather controversial topic in the BDSM community. I believe the reason is so many people have a…

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  • Is BDSM possible for survivors of abuse?

    Is BDSM possible for survivors of abuse?

    First and foremost, I am not a doctor or a therapist. If you are in need of psychological help, please seek a professional Is BDSM a healthy headspace for abuse survivors? I firmly believe BDSM can be an outlet for anyone, regardless of their past. I personally have been through trials and tribulations, waging anywhere…

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  • -Age Play- Questions Answered

    -Age Play- Questions Answered

    What is Age play? Age play is a subset of BDSM. It is consensual roleplay between to adults, in which one person takes on the role or mindset of someone much younger and the other takes on the mindset or role of someone older. However, that is not limited to mindset and roles. Some people…

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  • Ruined Orgasm- For Women -Step by Step

    Ruined Orgasm- For Women -Step by Step

    -You don’t have to be a BDSM expert to start with this kink- What better way to show your naughty girl who is in charge of the relationship? You don’t have to be an expert or have a massive toy collection to engage in this form of play. If you are new to the lifestyle…

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  • Care For The One Who Tops You

    Care For The One Who Tops You

    Many Tops, both men and women alike love providing aftercare to their submissive but have a very difficult time accepting care for themselves. First and foremost, caring for a needy sub can be frustrating, overwhelming and at times thankless. The long-term experience is rewarding but getting there can be strenuous. Do you ever feel disconnected…

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  • Spanking 101   Punish-Funish

    Spanking 101 Punish-Funish

    -Fun for everyone- Spanking is probably the most basic form of BDSM. Almost everyone regardless of your kink can get a little pleasure from this common practice. Sadists, Daddy’s, Dommes, Mistresses- the list continues can all get the power and control they want from bending a naughty boy or girl over their knee. Spanking also…

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  • S&M and Punishment-Not The Same

    S&M and Punishment-Not The Same

    S&M- Sadism and Maschocism The definition says it all. A sadist enjoys inflicting pain, and a masochist enjoys taking it. There are people in the BDSM culture that enjoy intense levels of pain. There are some that even enjoy being kicked or punched. A masochist is anyone that gets sexual pleasure from pain. That is…

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  • Subbies- addiction issues?

    Subbies- addiction issues?

    This is a subject I am a little more experienced in. I am going to stress the same thing I would to a Domme who is in recovery from addiction as well, “Take your time! DO NOT RUSH INTO ANYTHING!” I know first-hand how exciting the thought of being whisked away by some hot Domme…

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  • For Tops- Do you cope with addiction?

    For Tops- Do you cope with addiction?

    Do you struggle with addiction? Here are some things to think about before you take on a full-time sub

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  • Things to know before you start

    Things to know before you start

    Before you dive head first into the world of BDSM, there are a few things you and your partner need to know. A BDSM relationship is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling relationships a person could possibly have with another human. This type of relationship requires a great amount of trust and communication. Whether…

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