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  • Thuddy Buddy!

    Thuddy Buddy!

    Good morning kinky peeps! I am back and will be back around a lot more again. You may not believe this, but my apartment has been consumed by a demonic presence for the past few months and it has really been restricting my creativity. hahaha. I am actually not joking. As a matter of fact,…

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  • More About Collaring

    More About Collaring

    Welcome on another rainy evening, from the state of North Hell-lina. I know I have not been available for the past few weeks. I’ve been making super cool shit, new kick ass resin toys and dragon tails galore along with trying to get my space back in order. Don’t forget, promo code : wordpress gets…

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  • My Road to Kink

    Well, well, here we are again, in my kinky mind. I am very sick this evening, my Florida blood is not used to this bipolar weather. I guess I will start tonight off with a little story about how I came to be in kink. Many moons ago, when I was an adolescent (that’s my…

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  • Humility in Kink

    I always talk about my dynamic as if it were sunshine and rainbows all the time. Well, guess what, my friends, it is not. Most people go into kink for sexual purposes at first and then fall in love with the lifestyle. A lot of kink isn’t even directly sexual. There are sexual undertones because,…

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  • Letting Go, New Dynamics and FOREVER

    That’s The Hard Part So what do you do when a journey has met its end? How do you cope with it? In BDSM, we build deep, fulfilling connections that are to be of better service to the lives of who we interact with. Especially when dealing with heavy impact, it deepens a connection and…

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  • The S and the M

    The S and the M

    The cream to the Cafe Bustelo We all know what BDSM stands for, right? Well, if not, it stands for, bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. The S&M is literally like the cream to our kinky coffee. By definition, sadism is a person deriving pleasure or gratification from inflicting pain on others. Thats a nice dictionary…

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  • Special Piece Just for Subs

    Special Piece Just for Subs

    I normally don’t discuss topics like the one I am going to discuss tonight. I normally speak about mechanics and tips from a dominant angle for a dominants use. I speak about things that are more knowledge based as opposed to feeling based. I don’t speak on things that a submissive woman should take into…

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  • Part 2- Developing a Training Plan for Your sub

    Part 2- Developing a Training Plan for Your sub

    I told you I would be back! Welcome to part two! If you are reading this, I assume you have read part one. If you have not read part one, be a good girl/boy and do so. If not, you may or may not be a little lost. Today I am going to cover the…

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  • Developing a training plan for your sub-part one

    Welcome all, on this rainy morning! Well it is rainy in the dump of a state, North Carolina. Hopefully it is sunny and beautiful everywhere else. So this morning I’m going to talk about the development of your submissive and how to devise an appropriate training plan to fit their needs. This is typically the…

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  • A girl has needs, right?

    Welcome one and all! Tonight I’m going to discuss the hierarchy of needs in a dynamic. I started my journey in kink at a very young age. I have topped, bottomed, dommed and subbed. One thing that doesn’t change with the evolution of roles is the needs. We all have wants and needs. A need…

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  • Dominating a dominant women

    Dominating a dominant women

    I have read many articles lately, in reference to dominating a dominant woman, I have been left less than impressed. I am not one to bash anyone’s creativity, however, it is very clear that articles I have read are written by men who have no real idea or concept of BDSM or Ds dynamics. I…

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  • T.P.E.& sub roleplay-NOT the same

    T.P.E.& sub roleplay-NOT the same

    Roleplay and T.P.E. (Total power exchange) are NOT the same thing Does the idea of being spanked or being tied up by your partner get your juices flowing? Or does the thought of being ordered to your knees give you goosebumps? That means you are like many others who may enjoy a submissive role in…

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  • Dealing with THE DROP

    In life, all good comes with a little bad. Life is about balance, am I right? After intense play a person is likely to experience subdrop. Subdrop is an intense emotional decline due to the expense of certain hormones. It can happen a few hours or a few days after the scene. The more intense…

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  • Courtesy in Kink

    I have been having a lot of tech issues lately. Now my modem is giving me problems making blogging less than easy. I have been working on a piece, however, that will have to wait until tomorrow. There is a much more pressing issue at hand. This “issue” is in regards to BDSM and kink…

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  • When the new wears off- readers choice- and mine

    Omg….what’s different? Why does everything feel so different? I’m sure many of you have asked yourself this, or messaged me and asked me. Hence why I am writing this. It’s called the “new” wearing off. Not everyone is the same and that’s what keeps life flavorful, right? Some people are die hard, “express” themselves to…

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