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  • My Road to Kink

    Well, well, here we are again, in my kinky mind. I am very sick this evening, my Florida blood is not used to this bipolar weather. I guess I will start tonight off with a little story about how I came to be in kink. Many moons ago, when I was an adolescent (that’s my…

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  • Humility in Kink

    I always talk about my dynamic as if it were sunshine and rainbows all the time. Well, guess what, my friends, it is not. Most people go into kink for sexual purposes at first and then fall in love with the lifestyle. A lot of kink isn’t even directly sexual. There are sexual undertones because,…

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  • The S and the M

    The S and the M

    The cream to the Cafe Bustelo We all know what BDSM stands for, right? Well, if not, it stands for, bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. The S&M is literally like the cream to our kinky coffee. By definition, sadism is a person deriving pleasure or gratification from inflicting pain on others. Thats a nice dictionary…

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  • Special Piece Just for Subs

    Special Piece Just for Subs

    I normally don’t discuss topics like the one I am going to discuss tonight. I normally speak about mechanics and tips from a dominant angle for a dominants use. I speak about things that are more knowledge based as opposed to feeling based. I don’t speak on things that a submissive woman should take into…

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  • Dealing with THE DROP

    In life, all good comes with a little bad. Life is about balance, am I right? After intense play a person is likely to experience subdrop. Subdrop is an intense emotional decline due to the expense of certain hormones. It can happen a few hours or a few days after the scene. The more intense…

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  • Courtesy in Kink

    I have been having a lot of tech issues lately. Now my modem is giving me problems making blogging less than easy. I have been working on a piece, however, that will have to wait until tomorrow. There is a much more pressing issue at hand. This “issue” is in regards to BDSM and kink…

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  • When the new wears off- readers choice- and mine

    Omg….what’s different? Why does everything feel so different? I’m sure many of you have asked yourself this, or messaged me and asked me. Hence why I am writing this. It’s called the “new” wearing off. Not everyone is the same and that’s what keeps life flavorful, right? Some people are die hard, “express” themselves to…

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  • Consent/                       Intent/Abuse

    Consent/ Intent/Abuse

    So, this is something that I think get overlooked and brushed off frequently. When does pushing limits become a violation of consent? I have been in great D/s situations that were based off consent, trust, and all the other good stuff. They may not have worked out for the long haul, but I never felt…

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  • Submissive Headspace

    I am going to talk about what submissive headspace is and means. It is not the same thing as subspace. Subspace is essentially the “high” a person feels after being dominated. The headspace is the mental mindset of being submissive. The appropriate mindset is needed to maximize your full potential as a sub so you…

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  • Those fuzzy subbie feelings

    Those fuzzy subbie feelings

    Not everything in BDSM has to be necessarily sexual in that moment. It can be simply a feeling that brings you a sense of relief and escape from the stress of daily life. Not to say you can’t put the idea of it in the spank bank, but not everything in that moment has to…

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  • Collars and Cupcakes

    Collars and Cupcakes

    This post has nothing to do with cupcakes. I just enjoy the taste of soft, warm, confectionaries melting in my mouth. Shall we save that for another post? I think so. Collars and collaring seem to be a rather controversial topic in the BDSM community. I believe the reason is so many people have a…

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  • Is BDSM possible for survivors of abuse?

    Is BDSM possible for survivors of abuse?

    First and foremost, I am not a doctor or a therapist. If you are in need of psychological help, please seek a professional Is BDSM a healthy headspace for abuse survivors? I firmly believe BDSM can be an outlet for anyone, regardless of their past. I personally have been through trials and tribulations, waging anywhere…

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  • -Age Play- Questions Answered

    -Age Play- Questions Answered

    What is Age play? Age play is a subset of BDSM. It is consensual roleplay between to adults, in which one person takes on the role or mindset of someone much younger and the other takes on the mindset or role of someone older. However, that is not limited to mindset and roles. Some people…

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  • -Turn Up The Heat: Good Impact for Bad Girls-

    -Turn Up The Heat: Good Impact for Bad Girls-

    Turn up the heat for your very naughty girl Impact play is a very common form of BDSM. It can be used sensually, as a form of corrective discipline or just for the hell of it. I have already discussed impact play in a previous article, but tonight we are going to talk about adding…

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  • Spanking 101   Punish-Funish

    Spanking 101 Punish-Funish

    -Fun for everyone- Spanking is probably the most basic form of BDSM. Almost everyone regardless of your kink can get a little pleasure from this common practice. Sadists, Daddy’s, Dommes, Mistresses- the list continues can all get the power and control they want from bending a naughty boy or girl over their knee. Spanking also…

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