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-Age Play- Questions Answered

What is Age play?

Age play is a subset of BDSM. It is consensual roleplay between to adults, in which one person takes on the role or mindset of someone much younger and the other takes on the mindset or role of someone older. However, that is not limited to mindset and roles. Some people enjoy interacting with other adults who are gapping dramatically in actual age.

Sometimes age play includes various types of roleplaying, such as, Daddy/sub, Mommy/sub, teacher/student, ect. This play is not always sexual. Some people enjoy interacting as “littles” and others as caregivers without a sexual aspect. However, others enjoy a sexual dynamic.

There is no real limitation other than the ones you and your partner negotiate. Age play is not to be confused with pedophilia. Pedophilia is NOT on the BDSM spectrum. It is also sick and illegal. BDSM is all about consensual acts between adults. Children cannot consent. Just because someone enjoys age play, that does not mean they are a pedophile.

A little about littles

Well, that depends on what type of age play you are into. There are brats, babies, littles and middles, and “undercover” boy/girls. Typically, “girl/boys/littles” are submissives that have innocent, childlike qualities. These types of submissives may need a gentle approach to being dominated. Some may not want a sexual relationship at all. Some may just want the care aspect of a dynamic.

Girl/Boys and “Undercover” littles- yes, I came up with that one all on my own

You may notice that in vanilla life, they enjoy coloring, they may have toys, or other child geared items laying around their house. They may not even realize or consider themselves a “little/middle” however, if you are Topping someone who fits that description, keep in mind, they most likely need a gentler approach. They may not necessarily act any particular age other than the age they are. They may act very much like an adult most of the time, however, after spending any amount of intimate one on one time with them, you will start to see their timid, innocent qualities. You may find they are very eager to please, very well behaved (overall), are very attentive and loving. You also may notice at times they have emotional outbursts, especially when they feel they have been “neglected” (even if they really haven’t), followed by immense guilt. You will notice these qualities more when the girl/boy wants something from their Domme or are being disciplined. However, they may not necessarily identify with being a “little” or even realize they possess these qualities. Typically, these types seek out Dominants who are emotionally more mature or have parental qualities. They need a gentle Dominant who will provide a dynamic with a loving disciplined approach. Even if this involves corporal punishment, denial, and humiliation. These types of subbies are not to be confused with “brats”. They want the approval, affection and POSITIVE attention from their Dominant. However, it is a catch 22 situation. If you do not discipline negative behavior, the subbie will experience feelings of “not being cared for”. There is no particular reason for their needs in a dynamic. This is simply how that submissive explores the world and themself.

Brats- The Naughtiest of them ALL

Brats are much like the boy/girl and “undercover” littles, except they enjoy breaking rules and pushing limits. They do not care how they get their attention. Brats do not care if the attention is positive or negative. Brats enjoy a Dominant who can and will put them in their place, yet provide the love and security associated with Daddy/Mommy roles. Brats have high demands; they have no problem letting you know when their needs are not being met. Even if the brat’s “needs” are unrealistic and not really a need. Most dynamics involving brats are very sexual. The sex can be used as a tool to make the brat submit. Daddy/Mommy Doms typically use impact as a form of discipline for these naughty subs, as well as corner time, mouth soaping, and writing lines. Typically, schoolhouse discipline from the 1800’s is quite effective in wrangling these types of submissive. Most brats enjoy long term Ds dynamics. They want to be with a Dominant that will help guide them and help them through the inner emotional battles they experience. Brats often have stuffed animals, and security items. They may be naughty, however, with the right attention and approach can make good submissives. Even though brats like to misbehave they do not enjoy disappointing their partner. Usually, they chose to break rules that will get them attention, opposed to cause disappointment.



typically regress to age between 4 and 10.

Liddles- They tend to fluctuate between age 5 and preteen. They may enjoy building forts, coloring and things of that nature.

Middles- They fluctuate between ages 10-13. Keep in mind, I am speaking of the mental state. They might enjoy crafts, video games and more adventure-oriented things.

What is Little Space?

Little space is nothing more than a state of mind someone goes into when they enjoy age play. A person may enjoy doing this on their own in the comfort of their home. This may involve watching cartoons, kid movies, journaling (“adult teens”), sucking their thumb, or whatever it is that gives them the feeling of a childlike mental state.

Be yourself….ALL the time

Regardless of what you like, the bottom line is, you enjoy it. If age play gives you comfort and security, then embrace it. There is nothing wrong with you if this is something you enjoy. It simply just is. There doesn’t have to be a reason. Who doesn’t enjoy being rewarded with good snacks and watching cartoons? Explore yourself and your world however you chose. There are plenty of people in this world who indulge in this kink, so you are not alone.

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