-Turn Up The Heat: Good Impact for Bad Girls-

Turn up the heat for your very naughty girl

Impact play is a very common form of BDSM. It can be used sensually, as a form of corrective discipline or just for the hell of it. I have already discussed impact play in a previous article, but tonight we are going to talk about adding a little intensity and feeling to your normal impact routine. These tips may help you get a little more from your submissive, by using various, emotional stimulators.

-Everyone loves a little humiliation, right? –

One thing that is often appealing to submissives is the feeling of humiliation associated with impact play/spanking. This list will dig a little deeper into that feeling:

-Helplessness & Sensory Deprivation-


Implement is just a fancy term for objects used for spanking. I am going to list the various implements, the sensation and the intensity.


I cannot give you an accurate description of what a flogger or a lollipop feels like. Maybe this will change in the future. Until then, this is what I can personally attest to. I will do some more research and speak to more people to try to get a better gauge of those implements.

Remember when dealing with female submissives, focus on the emotional standpoint of this type of play. This will achieve much more than just the physical sensation will. Women need mental stimulation, not just physical. The physical does very little if the mind is not touched. I always say “Fuck my mind first, and then you can fuck my body”

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