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  • My Road to Kink

    Well, well, here we are again, in my kinky mind. I am very sick this evening, my Florida blood is not used to this bipolar weather. I guess I will start tonight off with a little story about how I came to be in kink. Many moons ago, when I was an adolescent (that’s my…

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  • Humility in Kink

    I always talk about my dynamic as if it were sunshine and rainbows all the time. Well, guess what, my friends, it is not. Most people go into kink for sexual purposes at first and then fall in love with the lifestyle. A lot of kink isn’t even directly sexual. There are sexual undertones because,…

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  • Letting Go, New Dynamics and FOREVER

    That’s The Hard Part So what do you do when a journey has met its end? How do you cope with it? In BDSM, we build deep, fulfilling connections that are to be of better service to the lives of who we interact with. Especially when dealing with heavy impact, it deepens a connection and…

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